Footballer Killer To Pay For Castrated Victims 2yo Kid

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A court has ruled that the entrepreneur accused of beating, castrating and murdering Brazilian footballer Daniel Correa Freitas last year to pay his two-year-old’s mother a monthly salary for 23 years as compensation.

Credit: Golders/RPC
Edson Brittes Junior, the suspect of the murder

The court that made the ruling is in the city of Curitiba located in the state of Parana in southern Brazil where Correa’s mutilated body was found.

The ruling made by the court means the man accused of murdering former Sao Paulo attacking midfielder Correa will have to pay a monthly pension of 5,000 BRL (932.17 GBP) to help support the victim’s two-year-old daughter.

Local media report the amount is to be given to the two-year-old’s mother Bruna Larissa Ferreira Martins after she made the request.

The compensation will have to be paid on the 10th day of every month until the girl is 25 years old, starting in November.

The victim’s family lawyer Giuliana Pitthan welcomed the decision, saying: “She has the right to receive food, to have a dignified life. Because whether she wanted it or not, she doesn’t have a father anymore. Therefore, it’s a basic necessity for her. He (Correa) completely supported her, and with his death, that has been affected.”

Credit: Golders/@SaoPauloFC
Archive: Daniel Correa Freitas

The footballer’s partially decapitated body was found in the Sao Jose dos Pinhais municipality in the metropolitan region of Curitiba in the Brazilian state of Parana with his genitals cut off.

Local media report Daniel had been at Brittes home celebrating a birthday with the family home and had sent messages to a friend saying he “was going to eat” the “birthday girl’s mum” referring to Cristina Brittes, the suspect’s wife.

A photo shows Correa smiling next to the alleged murder’s sleeping wife, which he is believed to have sent to his friend.

Edison released a statement admitting to the murder saying “any man would do what I did.

Credit: Golders
Archive: Daniel sent this picture to a friend

“That woman in there was not my wife. She represented all the women in Brazil.”

Brittes also said: “When I threw him off my wife, I threw him on the floor and stopped her being raped by that monstrous scumbag.”

Edison’s daughter told reporters she had heard screaming from her mother’s room and that Daniel had said nothing when he was caught. She confirmed she had met Daniel one year ago but had never “been involved” with him.

Brittes is imprisoned in Piraquara Penitentiary in Curitiba awaiting trial after reportedly confessing to the murder. No trial date has been set.

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