Football Legend Maradona Was Reportedly Buried Without Heart

A famous doctor and journalist has claimed that Diego Maradona was buried without his heart.

The writer, Nelson Castro, has just released a book called “Diego’s Health” (‘La Salud de Diego’) and speaking on talk show programme ‘La Mesa de Juana Viale’, he said that accessing all the medical records was a “team effort” and was “very extensive”.

He is quoted by local media outlet Infobae as having said on the programme that Maradona “had a privileged body in terms of its resistance, as the doctor of dilated heart disease said, other people would have died. The problem is that he never wanted to make a sustained recovery.”

Journalist Nelson Castro who says Maradona was buried without a heart.

When asked if it is true that he was buried without his heart, he revealed that a group of people had been planning to “break in and extract the heart.”

He added: “That did not come to fruition because it was an act of enormous audacity. It was detected that this was going to happen so his heart was also extracted to study it because his heart was very important in determining the cause of Maradona’s death.

“Obviously the information is that he was buried without a heart.”

Castro added that Maradona’s heart “weighed half a kilogramme when a heart usually weighs 300 grammes. He had a big heart because of other things like his heart failure and because of the heart disease that he had.”

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Story By: Joseph GolderSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

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