Fitness Guru Says New Mums Need To Slim To Keep A Man

A fitness guru has been slammed for saying women who do not lose weight after childbirth are to blame for divorces because their husbands cannot be expected to fancy them anymore.

Top Hungarian fitness guru Norbert Schobert, 48, reportedly made the comments in a live video on his social media page which has received over 745,000 views.

Schobert said it was women that “blow the whole thing” after giving birth and that a man “suffers when a woman, who used to be 58 kilogrammes but is now 78 or 88 kilogrammes, comes stamping into the room”.

He went on to say a husband cannot “lust for his wife” anymore, starting problems which can ruin relationships and leave children “half-orphaned because women are unable to lose the 20 or 30 kilogrammes of baby weight”.

He added that women’s skin becomes “disgusting” after childbirth and said mothers should return to their weight before childbirth to have a happy relationship.

Schobert was strongly criticised by politicians and public figures in Hungary, such as KDNP (Christian Democrats) politician Nasca Lorinc who called for him to apologise and Jobbik (Movement for a Better Hungary) party member Janos Bencsik who called for people to boycott the fitness guru’s products.

Coca-Cola Hungary posted a photo of different bottle shapes in response to the comments with the caption: “If you love them, you desire them in every shape or form. #loveyourbody”.

But Schobert has so far refused to apologise for his comments and reportedly said he wanted the video to be a “communications atomic bomb”.

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Story By: Alex CopeSub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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