Filipino Trump Wants To Grab Pretty Mayor By Her Undies

Elderly Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte has been slammed for asking a pretty mayor to run away with him and saying he would grab her by the undies to prevent her from leaving.

President Rodrigo Duterte, 74, known as the Filipino Donald Trump, appeared to be bowled over when he met Mayor Tita Baja-Gallantes of the town of Garcia Hernandez on the Filippino island of Bohol.

Credit: AsiaWire
They shared a stage together with other dignatories

Sharing a stage at a campaign rally, he told her: “You are truly beautiful. If it were me, why would I ever break up with you? 

“I will really grab and hold on to your panties if you try to leave, even until the garter snaps. You’re just too beautiful.”

And, as the crowd reportedly cheered, he continued: “Actually, I’m not trying to pull your leg.

“But the truth is I heard, if I may be allowed to say it in public and it will not offend you, you and your husband are separated.

“Can you run away with me? You have children, don’t you, mayor? How many children do you have? I have three, four. I have four but they’re all grown up already so I don’t have a problem there anymore.”

And he then turned to his former special assistant, Christopher Go, and said: “Please take care of my wife while I’m away. I am here in Bohol to play. To play the game of love.”

Credit: AsiaWire/
Mayor Tita Baja-Gallantes

President Rodrigo Duterte was speaking at a rally for Cabinet Secretary Leoncio ‘Jun’ Evasco Jr who is standing in the mid-term general election on May 13.

The president is a controversial figure who has been criticised for many outspoken comments over the years.

In February 2018, he ordered soldiers to shoot female rebels in the vagina. And in December, he claimed to have molested his family’s domestic worker when he was a teenager.

A spokeswoman for the Gabriela Women’s Party, a feminist group in the Filippino Congress, condemned his latest comments.

She said: “We in Gabriela Women’s Party strongly condemn this sick and disgusting display of machismo, infidelity, and ethical bankruptcy,”

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Story By: Simon Glover, Sub-EditorMichael Leidig,  Agency: Asia Wire Report

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