FIFA Gamer Has Shrink And Physical Trainer For Matches

This is Spain’s best FIFA eSport gamer who claims he has a physical trainer, a psychologist and a nutritionist to stay in shape for tournaments.

Spanish gamer Jaime Alvarez recently won the Virtual La Liga eSport Santander which was held in the Spanish capital Madrid making him the best FIFA player in Spain.

Alvarez’s handle ‘Gravesen’ is named after the former Real Madrid and Everton midfielder Thomas Gravesen, and Alvarez explains he and his brother came up with when they were looking for one that “demanded respect and a little bit of fun”.

Credit: Golders/@jaimeeal
Alvarez takes a selfie

After enjoying his recent popularity, Alvarez spoke with Spanish radio station COPE and said “my father took it okay but my mum would unplug me if I failed an exam” when speaking about his decision to take gaming more seriously.

When Alvarez, who plays for e-Sports team ‘DUX Gaming’, was asked about what life was like for a gamer he said: “I play eight,nine, 10 hours a day, some weeks more.

“My fingers are fine but there can be injuries so you have to be careful.”

Alvarez went on to talk about the more business side of gaming and all of the money that it moves assuring that the bigger receive specialised treatment.

Credit: Golders/@jaimeeal
Alvarez poses for the camera

He said: “I have a physical trainer, psychologist and nutritionist. I have to do stretches, there are some people with their tendons messed up.

“It goes much further now. A few years ago you played a few matches and had a bit of fun but now the stage has grown a lot and many important brands participate, there is money on the line and there are consequences.”

Though Alvarez is sponsored by Nike and became the first Spanish gamer to go to the Catholic University of Murcia on a scholarship and reportedly studies Computer Engineering he says he “lives off of this, it gives me enough money to pay for my things”.

The most common injuries in e-sports are said to be carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrists and back pain.

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