Famous Teen Mum Reveals Fat Shaming From Online Trolls

This 16-year-old girl – dubbed “Russia’s most-popular teen mother” after giving birth at 13 – has revealed she has become the target of sick online trolls who have been accusing her and her daughter of being fat.

Teen mother Polina Fetisova rose to fame after giving birth to daughter Ulyana three years ago and has now gathered an army of over 100,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel where one video alone received over 2 million views.

Fetisova, who lives in Sredneuralsk a town in central Russia’s Sverdlovsk Oblast, has now revealed the online harassment she has recently been receiving from trolls which is forcing her to consider disabling private messages.

Credit: CEN/@strelnikoovaa
Polina Fetisova

She said: “Whatever I post, they write to me: ‘You and your daughter are very fat.’ Ulyana will be three years old in a month, she weighs 18 kilogrammes (40 lbs). Recently, we were at the doctor, he confirmed that everything is fine.

“Yes, she has a little excess weight, but it is absolutely not critical!”

However, the trolls were quick to comment, with one user writing: “Sorry, but you got fat horrifically. You need urgently to lose weight, both Ulyana and you.”

Another wrote: “Your page has become the same! You are like your daughter – fat!”

Fetisova became pregnant by a boy one year older than herself, and when the boy’s parents found out about her pregnancy they demanded she have an abortion.

However, the young mother continued with her pregnancy and after the birth of Ulyana, the young man and his parents refused to take part in raising the child.

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