Faithful Pooch Refuses To Budge From Owners Grave

These poignant pictures show a German Shepherd named Fero, which has faithfully been waiting by its owner’s grave since his death a week ago.

According to the news site Olay53, after losing his wife some 12 years ago, Omer Guven moved to the district of Kaymakli in the northern Turkish province of Trabzon, where he began to take care of stray cats and dogs.

Known as an animal lover by the people around him, Omer started to take care of the German Shepherd 11 years ago, naming it ‘Fero’, and the love between the two grew over the years.

Omer Guven, 92, ( pictured) who passed away in Trabzon, Turkey on 29th October 2021.

However, at the age of 92, Omer became ill and was taken to hospital, passing away on Friday, 29th October, with his faithful pooch keeping watch over the coffin until the burial the following day.

After attending the burial, Fero has since been lying on its owner’s grave and has refused to budge, frequently rubbing its head in the soil.

Revealing that her father loved all kinds of animals, Omer’s daughter Sevilay Surul said: “My father loved Fero very much. He also had an incredible love for my father. He was so sad over the loss of my father. He didn’t eat or sleep for two days. My father loved all animals and kept them, but he had a special bond with Fero.”

Omer’s other daughter Sevil Guven said: “My father was a cheerful person who loved both people and animals. Fero came to the village as a stray dog. He adopted Fero and loved him very much.”

Kaymakli community leader Temel Yilmaz said: “Uncle Omer took great care of animals. Fero was devastated when he passed away. We even saw tears flowing from Fero’s eyes.”

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Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: William McGee, Agency:  Newsflash

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