Ex-Boyfriend Assaults Trans Woman Asya Cevahir with Acid

Story by Ajda Ender

Men who use mental and behavioral violence against trans women and women do not want to let women separate from themselves, they want to turn women into their puppets, try to restrict their lives, take women’s strings, they want to dominate women by intimidation, United Nations conventions, European Conventions on Human Rights, Criminal laws prohibit all kinds of discriminatory crimes and violence, discrimination and violent crimes are increasing every day.

Psychological, physical and sexual violence against trans women and women who are subjected to social violence, harassed in their homes, on the street, by men of heterosexist violence society. and economic violence is increasing day by day. In the society, male violence is legitimized, male violence is rewarded with impunity, male violence is not punished in heterosexual violence society, hate speech and hate crimes are becoming widespread.

Syrian Refugee Trans Woman Asya Cevahir, living in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, just turned 18 and if her ex-lover Emre Bozkurt left her, she threatened Asya with death and threatened to throw acid in her face.

HDK LGBTI Assembly Initiative Activist Yıldız İdil Şen told International Journalist Ajda Ender about the events

Trans Woman Asya Cevahir’s ex-lover, Emre Bozkurt, inside the building in Beyoğlu, where her house is located, around 18:30 on 09 March 2021, Trans Woman attacked Asya Cevahir with acid, first and third degree burns on her body, chest, back, and her right eye with the effects of the attack. The one who is blind and the other eye does not see eighty-five percent, is treated for burns at Kocaeli Derince Training and Research Hospital

Her friends found a lawyer for Trans Woman Asia. It is expected that Asia will recover and the legal process will begin. Emre Bozkurt, who used violence, was not arrested.

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