Escobar Pals Villa Becomes Shelter For Abandoned Pooches

This huge villa on a ranch was previously owned by a drug lord who co-founded the Medellin Cartel with Pablo Escobar but now it is a shelter for abandoned dogs.

The Cuernavaca ranch in the municipality of Pacho in the department of Cundinamarca in central Colombia was reportedly the most luxurious property owned by Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, a drug trafficker known as ‘El Mexicano’ who was one of the leaders of Pablo Escobar’s Medellin Cartel.

Credit: CEN
The old fabulous ranch

The land of about 400 hectares was placed strategically in the mountains for visual control of when the authorities were coming. It was complete with a football pitch, sauna, swimming pool and a chapel, according to local media.

Today the property is in ruins and is reportedly home to a foundation that accommodates dogs rescued from the streets.

The images show how the property is very damaged, with debris strewn across the floor and the roof missing in many areas.

Credit: CEN
The old fabulous ranch

Local media report people still visit the property in the hope of finding the fortune the drug lord apparently left buried when he was alive, according to local media.

Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha began his criminal career after starting an emerald business in the 70’s, when he also penetrated in the drug trafficking market and along with Pablo Escobar was one of the founders of the Medellin cartel, according to local media.

The commander of the Operation Apocalypse I, General Jose Leonardo Gallego, said: “Practically, together with Pablo Escobar, they represented the greatest danger not only to Colombia but also to other countries where they extended those drug trafficking tentacles. They were really heartless, inhuman and dark criminals.”

Credit: CEN
Dogs at the property

The general explained how, thanks to an informant, the cartel was infiltrated and an operation was carried out where the drug trafficker, his son Fredy and five of his hitmen died.

Gacha died on 15th December 1989 aged 42.

In the 2015 TV Netflix series Narcos Rodriguez Gacha is portrayed by Luis Guzman.

Credit: CEN
Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha

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