English Teacher Turned Into Famous Artist

International Journalist Ajda Ender, Interviews Artist Madam Marika

Madam Marika told the international journalist authorAjda Ender about the social and economic violence against her because of her sexual identity, her being prevented from being an English teacher, and the usurpation of her right to profession and work.

Nedim Uzun is known to the public as Madam Marika.

Madame Marika Turkey Famous artist living in Istanbul

Nedim Uzun, an English teacher, was fired from the teaching profession because he gave parody shows to his students at the summer camp in the early 2000s.

Nedim Uzun who became Madam Marika

Nedim Uzun, an LGBTI individual, says he was fired from English teaching because of his sexual identity

He was banned from doing the job of teaching English in schools.

They told Nedim Uzun, an English teacher, that if you change your gender with surgery and become a woman, we will let you work as a female teacher.

They told her that if you don’t change your gender with surgery and don’t become a woman, you can’t be a teacher.

English teacher Nedim Uzun said he would not have sex reassignment surgery.

Nedim Uzun who became Madam Marika

Nedim Uzun started working as an animator on stage and as a street singer.

English teacher Nedim Uzun turned into famous artist Madam Marika

Madam Marika, who has become a famous artist, sings in the streets and on the stages.

The European Convention on Human Rights prohibits violence against people because of their sexual identity.

Work is a human right.


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    Madam marika bir markaaa

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    Madam marika bir harika 👌❤️

    1. Madam marika hayranları

      We love Marika very much, she was our English teacher from Ethler Yıldız College, Madam Marika is a brand.

  4. Nedime uzunyol

    Madam marika is the best drag queen and lgbti activist in Turkey

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