Energy Company Hires Exorcist For Ghost On Farm

An Icelandic energy company has hired a priest and professional exorcist to drive out ghosts on a remote farm scheduled for development after the former owner told them spirits had stolen his dog and scared his cows.

The remote farm owned by Daniel Magnusson is scheduled for demolition as part of a development project by Icelandic energy company Landsvirkjun which specialises in running hydroelectric projects and setting up wind farms.

It was not clear what the development project was that will result in the farm being demolished, but they asked the farmer if he had any wishes before some of the buildings were demolished.

Credit: CEN
Kristinn Agust Fridfinnsson performs exorcism ceremony on the farm near Hvolsvollur

He then told them how the farm was haunted and he had first noticed the problem in 2002, when his dog had started barking. He said that out of nowhere, a fog had then appeared, and the dog had run into it and vanished.

He told local newspaper RUV that his cows had been making panicked noises, and when he walked into the barn, it was as if he had been “splashed in the face with icy water” as he walked into a wall of cold.

He began struggling to breathe but when he felt he had recovered he says he felt a hand on his shoulder telling him to be calm.

The farmer says a seer told him a ‘spirit’ was jealous of the success of his cattle farm and the priest has now exorcised the area.

Credit: CEN
Priest Kristinn Agust Fridfinnsson performs exorcism ceremony on the farm near Hvolsvollur

He noted that the farm was close to a so-called ‘elf hill’ and advise the energy company to carry out an exorcism to make sure the area is clean for them to start working there.

Elves, or ‘huldufolk’ in Icelandic folklore, are supernatural beings which live in nature. They are said to look and behave similarly to humans, but live in a parallel world, being able to make themselves visible at will.

The energy company Landsvirkjun then decided to hire priest Kristinn Agust Fridfinnsson to perform the exorcism before demolishing the old farm building near the town of Hvolsvollur in southern Iceland.

The energy confirmed that the farm is close to a hill said to be the home to elves and they have avoided building on the hill to avoid disturbing any elves which might live there.

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Story By: Alex CopeSub-Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Central European News

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