E-Mail Proves Barca Agreed Griezmann Deal Early

An e-mail has allegedly surfaced proving Atletico Madrid’s claims that illegal negotiations between Barcelona and Antoinne Griezman took place months before to his move to the club.

Antoine Griezmann was under contract with Atletico de Madrid with a buyout clause of 200 million GBP (183 million GBP) until 1st July 2019.

According to Spanish newspaper El Mundo, negotiations between Barcelona and Griezmann started in March, three months ahead of the transfer without the knowledge or consent of Atletico Madrid.

El Mundo report the e-mail in question was sent by Griezmann’s lawyer, Sevan Karian, to the football player, his sister and representative, Maud Griezmann, and his father, Alain Griezmann. 

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In it, Karian reportedly stipulated the conditions Barcelona were offering Griezmann, said to be the same as the offer made to the French superstar by Barcelona last year, which he rejected at the time but seemed to be reconsidering.

El Munod report e-mail also explained, “the commissions the family had to pay to a key intermediary” for the deal.

The newspaper reporta that Barcelona believe an “intermediary” party was “left out” of the operation who then sold the e-mail to Miguel Angel Gil, Managing Director of Atletico de Madrid.

The report states that sources from Atletico de Madrid can ‘confirm’ the existence of the e-mail.

If the allegations are true, the Catalan giants may have to pay the 200-million-EUR buyout clause in full and they may even be sanctioned by FIFA.

As Griezmann was originally signed for 120 million EUR (109.81 million GBP), Barcelona would owe the Madrid team and extra 80 million EUR (73.2 million GBP) for starting negotiations early if the allegations are proven.

El Mundo go on to say the sources from Barcelona “insist” that the team “never signed a pre-contract with the French football player”.

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Story By:  Juan Mayes Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Golder’s News And Sport

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