Dutch Lottery Winner Still Works 80 Hours A Week

This Dutch woman who scooped a whopping GBP-9-million lottery jackpot three years ago is continuing to work 80 hours a week on the start-up company she founded.

Tamara Straatman, 37, from the southern Dutch city of Tilburg, scooped the jackpot during the New Year’s Eve draw three years ago.

Straatman, who recently appeared on the reality show ‘Steenrijk, straatarm’ where two families with contrasting financial positions swap lives for a week, said: “I don’t believe that money can make you happy long-term, because that really has to come from yourself.”

The multi-millionairess now lives in a beautiful house in Tilburg with a garden full of goats and chickens and a new Tesla parked in the drive.

Credit: @tamarastraatman/Newsflash
Tamara Straatman, the woman who won a jackpot

However, she still admits that she enjoys spending up to 80 hours a week working on her internet platform Stribe.

Straatman said: “Money gives me the freedom to do what I’ve always wanted, but for that, you still have to know what you want otherwise you come to a standstill.”

She also wrote a book called ‘Jackpot – The Key To Inner Wealth’ on the importance of inner values as well as about her new life as a multi-millionairess and her quest for happiness.

When Straatman’s mother died in 2017, her father decided to keep up the family tradition of buying a New Year’s Eve state lottery and bought tickets for the family.

Straatman won a whopping EUR 10 million (GBP 9 million) which meant that instead of having to scrabble for money all the time for her start-up, she suddenly had more than enough.

From being somebody who had a hard time getting help from the banks for her fledgling company, she became someone in a position to lend money to startups.

Straatman added: “It was only when I was no longer dependent on others who had to believe in my plans that I felt truly rich.”

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Story By: Delano Langras, Sub-Editor: Jana Tomovska, Agency: Newsflash

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