Dolphin And Inquisitive Pooch Play Together In Sea

This is the moment a dolphin plays with an inquisitive dog in the shallows of the water by a beach before wiggling its way back into the sea.

The startling scenes were recorded on Crimea’s Black Sea coast by a woman who was walking her dog when the dolphin suddenly appeared in the shallows.

In the videos, the dolphin can be seen moving into the shallows with the small waves as the inquisitive dog runs up to it.

Credit: CEN/@zvezdopad_vospominanij

At one point the pooch appears to touch the dolphin’s tail and in one of the clips other dolphins can be seen swimming a little further out from the shore.

The clips were uploaded to social media with the caption: “Patrick has touched a dolphin but I still haven’t.”

The dog’s owner said she thinks the dolphins were swimming close to the shore because they were looking for food.

Netizens loved the clip, such as ‘my_semense’ who wrote: “What a wonderful scene.”

While ‘duymovo4ka_m’ said: “Enchanting. I enjoyed watching it. Thanks for the positive clip. I’m buying tickets to Crimea now.”

Crimea is a disputed territory, with most of the international community recognising it as belonging to Ukraine despite it now being administered by Russia since the controversial annexation in 2014.

Credit: CEN/@zvezdopad_vospominanij

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Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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