Dog Survives Losing Two Legs and Is Ready For New Life

This dog whose owners wanted to put her down after she was hit by a car to avoid the cost of an operation is now looking for a new home after losing her two rear legs.

The tragedy played out in the south-western Russian city of Ekaterinburg in the Sverdlovsk Oblast region when the dog was hit and left lying by the side of the road unable to move in March.

This heartbreaking footage shows her lying in blood on the snow with a blanket over herself and a small plastic pot with some dry biscuits in front of her.

Credit: Newsflash
Dog without hind legs

Locals had offered her the food before she was eventually taken to a vet by animal rights activists, who then attempted to track down its owners.

The owners however said they had no money for the operation, and offered to have her put down.

But the volunteers carried out a fundraising and raised enough money to pay for an operation, but the injuries could not be treated and in the end the two rear legs had to be removed.

After seeing how the dog who they have named Tatti coped with this disability, they are convinced that she was glad to be saved, and say there will soon have a special wheelchair for her so that she can get around outside on her own.

Credit: Newsflash
Dog’s injury

One the volunteers told local media: “We will soon order a buggy for Tatti so she will be able to walk outside but future owners need to understand that she will not be able to use it all the time.”

They also added that Tatti had adapted well to working with only 2 legs and 2 stumps, and could easily get around where she was staying at the moment.

They said with a positive owner with the right attitude, she could still have a rewarding life.

Vyacheslav Tebenkov, the vet who carried the Tatti’s surgery explained: “The dog has absolutely no problems with urination or defecation. She is cheerful and likes to walk outside.”

Credit: Newsflash
Dog’s injury

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