Dog Doing Well After Getting Pierced By Dozens Of Porcupine Spines

A dog is now doing well after it got pierced by dozens of porcupine spines and had to undergo an operation to get them removed.

The female dog, named Tigresa (Tigress), was badly injured by the porcupine on a university campus in the city of Anapolis in the west-central Brazilian state of Goias on 6th July.

Photos show the poor pooch with its body and face covered in porcupine spines, including in its lips and tongue.

It was found by a student or member of staff and subsequently taken to a local veterinary clinic.

Credit: @aspaananapolis/Newsflash
The female dog Tigress that suffered injuries from dozens of hedgehog thorns in Anapolis, in Goias, Brazil in July 2021.

Upon receiving the injured pooch, Adriana Cardoso Alves sedated it – as it was in a lot of pain – before removing the spines one or several at a time using a pair of pliers.

It was then medicated before being discharged.

The dog was handed back to the Universidade Estadual de Goias (Goias State University), where it is cared for by staff and students, on the afternoon of 8th July.

No information regarding the porcupine’s fate was given.

Porcupine spines, also known as ‘quills’, start off as soft hairs that harden with age. They are released by contact and can seriously injure or kill animals in which they become embedded.

Porcupines belong to the rodent order and there are both Old World and New World families.

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Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorJames King, Agency: Newsflash

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