Does Brexit Mean Brexit ?

Have you noticed that when some politicians talk about a people’s vote or a public vote they never say a second people’s vote or a second public vote ? Whenever you hear this kind of newspeak you know that the person is a Remainer and against democracy. Of course, you can be a genuine Remainer but if you say people’s vote or public vote, sorry you are a fraudster and a con artist. Just be honest. At the moment we see the spectacle of roughly 400 MPs who voted remain in the 2016 referendum using their clout as MPs to keep the UK in the EU. They have their reasons all of which are against democracy. They are intent on a second referendum which they expect to win through a media propaganda campaign and if necessary electoral fraud. They must be stopped.

Do you respect democracy ? If so, this is what you can do. All 17 million plus who voted leave in 2016 should boycott a second referendum, turn it into a worthless farce. If MPs want to persist with their disloyalty to the public, they can be removed at the next general election. It’s up to you.

The manoeuverings of politicians are almost a theatre of the absurd so what is reality ? At the moment it seems that there are several different kinds of reality according to ideology, self interest and prejudice.

In June 2016 the British public voted 52/48 to leave the European Union. This was a vote in principle to leave, a mandate to parliament and the government. The objective was to negotiate a satisfactory deal with the EU before the agreed departure date of 29 March

2019. The alternative was to leave without a deal, remaining in the EU being completely ruled out.

The result of the referendum was a surprise to the so called elites of wealthy, educated, sophisticated people who almost immediately decided to try and corrupt a democratic decision that in their eyes had been made by foolish plebs. Some were even prepared to see the UK give up its seat in the EU councils but in all other respects remain in the EU. The UK negotiated from a weak position with a minority government led by a Prime Minister lacking the necessary leadership qualities for the challenges that lay ahead.

The roll call shows that 75% of MPs voted remain in the referendum – some accepted the decision of the voters to leave but others looked for ways of stopping Brexit or forcing a deal that would not deliver a meaningful divorce from Brussels.

One of the prime weapons in the Remainer armoury is a second referendum, a tactic that has worked in Holland and Denmark. Keep putting the question until the public comes up with the desired answer. For Leavers it is essential that the will of the people as expressed in 2016 is followed otherwise there will be a serious loss of confidence in democracy.

In recent weeks, parliament has attempted to wrest control of the Brexit process from the government contrary to the UK’s customs, practices and unwritten constitution. It is time for the people to assert themselves and take control of MPs.      

The solution. A movement to prevent a second referendum from taking place or to make the result of a second referendum worthless so leaving the June 2016 decision in place.

By Ken Cameron


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