Doc Sews Hand Back Together After Builder Saws It Open

A surgeon has shared pre- and post-op images of a woman who accidentally sawed through her own hand on a building site.

Worker Ms Wang suffered a “lapse in concentration”, causing her to put her right hand on an operational electric saw, according to her doctor, Yue Xiaotai.

Pictures shared by Doctor Yue show a large tear down the middle of Ms Wang’s palm following the horrific worksite accident last month.

She was taken to Lanzhou Hand and Foot Surgery Hospital, in the capital of Gansu Province in north-western China, some three hours later.

Credit: AsiaWire / Yue Xiaotai
Ms Wang’s hand sewn back together at Lanzhou Hand and Foot Surgery Hospital

Doctor Yue, a microsurgery specialist, said he and his team spent five painstaking hours suturing the patient’s hand back together, reconnecting bones, tendons, nerves and blood vessels under a microscope.

The medic said: “The stitches we use are thinner than a human hair.

“The biggest challenge was joining severed blood vessels and nerves, which are extremely sensitive and ultimately affect the patient’s senses – touch, pain, temperature sensitivity, etc.

“The five-hour operation was only the first half of her treatment. She was monitored for a week to ensure there was no tissue death in her right hand.”

Doctor Yue said a follow-up check on 29th June confirmed that blood circulation was normal in Ms Wang’s hand.

She is expected to retain function of her hand and digits, but will require an extensive period of rehabilitation.

Doctor Yue said he was confident however that Ms Wang would be able to work and live as normal.

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Story By: John FengSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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