Deer Born In China With Fifth Leg Protruding From Back Of Head

This is the moment a Chinese farmer shows a baby deer with a fifth leg protruding from the back of its head.

The mutant fawn was born at a deer farm near the city of Tonghua in the north-eastern Chinese province of Jilin, and the footage has been widely shared on the social network Douyin this week.

The deer farm owner, name not disclosed, told local media that his family has been breeding deer for three generations, but it is the first time they have ever seen a fawn with a leg on its head.

He added that the mutant fawn is around five months old and can eat, drink, and move around like all the other deer.

The farmer said the deer’s four legs function normally and allow it to run and jump, however the fifth leg acts as little more than an “unwanted ponytail”.

Many Douyin users suggested that the farmer should organise for the extra leg to be surgically removed as it does not serve a purpose and can only hinder the animal.

In the footage, the deer is seen lying on the ground as the farmer lifts up the limb on the back of its head and moves it around.

The calm deer lets the man pull and prod the leg without kicking up a fuss.


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