Dads Note To Daughter Found On Mountain After 30 Years

A birthday message from beyond the grave has been found on top of a mountain after it was left there by a now-deceased climber for his daughter nearly 30 years ago.

The note, dated 8th August 1990, was discovered by climber Mila Eremeeva on top of Mus-Khaya Mountain in the north-eastern Russian republic of Sakha.

The climber took a photo of the message, addressed to ‘Anna Tsvetkova’, and posted it on social media while asking for people to come forwards with information.

Credit: CEN/
Anna Tsvetkova

And as a result the daughter Anna got in touch with Mila, and said the note was written by her father Yuriy, an avid climber, in 1990 because he knew he was going to be late for her birthday.

As his group was lost on the mountain two days prior to Anna’s birthday, he apparently decided to leave a timeless message for her.

The message said: “I dedicate my Mus-Khaya Mountain climb to my daughter Anna Tsvetkova’s birthday. I wish you, my dear Anna, good health, happiness and maybe one day you will come here and will find this note from your dad. 09.08.1990 (Leningrad).”

Yuriy Tsvetkov was born 1956, and spent much of his life on hiking and climbing expeditions.

He was in charge of counting the amount of days and food needed for each expedition.

Credit: CEN/
Yuri Tsvetkov

Anna recalls spending much her childhood on various expeditions with her father and brother Evgeny.

Evgeny said the 1990 expedition to Mus-Khaya Mountain almost ended in tragedy as Yuriy and his companions became lost and needed rescuing.

Yuriy passed away in 2009 of a heart attack.

Anna, who is a supermarket manager, said the note’s discovery touched her deeply, adding that she hasn’t been on an expedition for about 15 years.

As her father’s note is still on top of the mountain, Anna hopes to visit the mountain in 2020 with a group of climbers.

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Story By:  Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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