Cute Pandas Look Like Copy Paste Images Of Each Other As They Doze on Pole

Two giant pandas looking like mirror images of each other as they sleep on a pole being branded the “copy-paste” bears as if one is a carbon copy of the other.

The footage of the giant pandas named Yu Ke and Yu Ai was reportedly shot at Chongqing Zoo, in China, and posted online on 11th June.

Online commentators alongside zoo visitors were delighted at the fact that the two bears not only slept at the same time, but slept in exactly the same position.


The two bears, male and female, are siblings in a rare double birth for their mother, local media reported.

Online commentators like ‘Guo Er From Lu Dada’ said: “Who washed the pandas and put them out to dry?”

And user ‘Mi Liang’ said: “Twins’ tacit understanding.”

While the user ‘The Tree Wants To Be Still, But The Wind Does Not Stop’ said: “This pair of pandas has such good synchrony! So cute.”

To find out more about the author, editor or agency that supplied this story – please click below. Story By: Aloysius Fernandes, Sub-Editor: Simona Kitanovska, Agency: AsiaWire Report

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