Cute Panda Focused On Eating Bamboo Falls From Wooden Platform

This is the moment a cute panda is so concentrated on the bamboo sticks it is chewing on that it falls to the ground from a platform, but never stops munching.

The funny incident was recently filmed in the Chongqing Zoo, in the megacity of Chongquing in southwest China.

The four giant pandas were captured enjoying their meal sitting on a wooden frame when the panda on the far left suddenly rolled over the edge of the construction and fell down.

Credit: Chongqing People’s Government/AsiaWire

The chubby panda was so immersed in eating the bamboo leaves that it forgot the construction it was sitting on was towering up in the air.

Even in its fall the panda did not let go of the bamboo dragging the huge branch to the ground.

The other pandas did not seem to be impressed by the fall of their friend either and kept munching on the leaves as if nothing had happened.

The video was shared on the Chinese social network Weibo where it amused netizens.

User ‘Annihilate the noise’ said: “So typical of pandas.”

Another user ‘I only steamed V’ asked: “Was the bamboo heavy?”

And user ‘Lu Yun Ai Aoxue’ commented: “The one in the middle doesn’t care.”

Credit: Chongqing People's Government/AsiaWire
Panda eats bamboo and loses balance

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Story By: Emily WuSub-EditorMaja Mishevska, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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