Cuddly Poohs Frolic In First Ever Black Bear Sanctuary

This is the moment cuddly Poohs enjoy their new-found freedom in Russia’s first ever sanctuary for endangered Asian black bears.

All the animals offered a place here have either been reared by humans and are unlikely to survive in the wild, or are considered vulnerable in the wild as a result of suffering illness or malnutrition.

Video Credit: CEN/@priut_medvedei

The impressive bear shelter has been set up in the village of Kiparisovo in the far-eastern Russian region of Primorsky Krai by a team of animal lovers associated with the nearby Sadogorod Zoo.

Zoo head Alyona Asnovina said she was asked by representatives of a wildlife watchdog if they could open a sanctuary for Asian black bears (Ursus thibetanus).

Credit: CEN/@adzoku
In Primorye, earned the first Russian shelter for bears

The bears are considered ‘vulnerable’ by the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Experts noticed that there a number of bears which needed the facility as they are unable to survive in the wild due to weakness or ill health, or because they were initially raised by humans as cubs.

Asnovina explained: “If a bear has lived with a human for more than a few months, the animal will be unable to survive in the wild anymore. This is what gave birth to the idea of opening a shelter for them.”

Video Credit: CEN/@priut_medvedei

According to local media, there are currently seven residents at Russia’s first bear sanctuary and they are free to move around the large open spaces.

The bears are not kept in cages as the owners want them to feel as unrestrained as possible.

Reports said the sanctuary is being financed by the zoo as well as from private donations.

Credit: CEN/@priut_medvedei
In Primorye, earned the first Russian shelter for bears

Netizen ‘Martinova82’ said: “Thank you kindhearted people. Finally, these bears can live in comfort.”

‘Olgaspbvl’ commented: “Dear team, you are doing a remarkable job. God bless you and your families.”

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