Cryptocurrency Trades To Help Dog Shelter Feed Strays

An animal rescue shelter has found that the cryptocurrency industry could be the paw-fect partner to raise cash.

Many pet refugees are hard-pushed over the growing cost of power and pet foods while traditional donors struggle to pay their own bills.

Now one shelter in Turkey has launched a cryptocurrency of its own to raise funds.

Tekirdag Dog Village in Turkey launched a BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain with 700 trillion units.

The cryptocurrency sits alongside its 508 AI-generated dog-themed NFTs on Opensea under the brand Boji Finance.

The coins bear the image of Boji (pictured), the great-granddaughter of an American Grand Champion Golden Retriever.

Every time the BEP-20 tokens are used in the project’s dog-themed metaverse game a twp er cent transaction fee is taken by the token’s smart contract.

The fee is donated to the dog village so that it can help pay for taking care of more dogs like Boji.

Boji Token founder Umit Cosgun explained: “Recent increases in the prices of imported dog food puts volunteers and shelters in a very difficult situation.

“We aim to transform the impact of Boji in society into a great act of kindness.”

Cryptocurrency innovators applauded the new initiative.

Australian cryptocurrency expert Clayton Sharp said: “This is the kind of project that we need to see more of on Blockchain, hard-wiring the virtual world back into real-world causes of great concern.”

Other blockchain innovation includes University’s new digital currency wallet.

Paperwork like pedigrees, show certificates and other crucial dog breeding documents can be stored on-chain, while winners at dog shows can be rewarded prizes in Atlas coins in the future.

Daniel Mark Harrison – founder of Monkey Capital hedge fund – says that the NFT wallet is perfect for uploading and storing the pedigrees for his two golden retrievers, Vanity and Fair (pictured).

The dogs are great-granddaughters of North American Grand Champion golden retrievers Oscar de la Hoya, Lanna Gold and Bank Robber.

Pet industry expenditure in the US is worth around USD 123 billion a year, according to American Pet Products Association.

Around USD 10 billion goes towards costs such as pedigree certification, grooming and shows.

Atlas allows for competitions with coin prizes as well as document storage, which can potentially alter the multi-billion-dollar industry.

Harrison explained: “Fair just won best in breed in her first national dog show in Thailand.

“If there’s a place to put her pedigree certificates and there’s an additional coin incentive then Atlas is the kind of technology that could end up being extremely influential in the show circuit.

“That’s a no-brainer.”

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Story By: Darko ManevskiSub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

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