COVID Village Schoolkids Study On Mway To Get Internet

This is the moment a village schoolgirl does her homework in a car on the side of the motorway as her parents must drive there and wait all day so she can receive internet signal amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

The unnamed student hails from the small village of Kulmetovo in the district of Kiginsky located in the south-western Russian republic of Bashkortostan where internet coverage is reportedly poor.

With schools closed in the region to prevent the spread of COVID-19, students are taking online courses to continue their studies.

Video Credit: Newsflash/18 Uzhas

In the footage, one schoolgirl is seen squatting on the car floor while using the backseat as a table to work on.

According to an unnamed parent, they have to drive several miles every day to reach a point near the motorway where they can receive internet coverage.

The parent said: “We cannot download the homework or necessary documents on the internet at home. It can sometimes take up to two hours to download it.

“This part of the motorway has become busy with students working on their laptops inside their parent’s car lately.”

The local authorities said they are aware of the problem and plans are in place to install high speed lines by July 2020.

Credit: Newsflash/18 Uzhas
Schoolchildren and students had to go to the highway to catch the Internet and do lessons

Kiginsky District official Zuhra Gordienko said: “The girl in the video lives and attends the school in Ufa City where there are no internet issues. However, during the quarantine period, around 20 students have to do it this way.

“The school is aware of the problem as well which is why they asked students to find alternative ways of accessing the internet to continue their studies.”

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Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash

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