Cops Who Took 19 Hrs to Find Rape Plea Schoolgirl Quit

Two top Romanian cops have resigned after it took them 19 hours to find the house where a 15-year-old girl had called to say she had been raped – before waiting another two hours to gain a search warrant – in what could be the country’s worst serial killer case.

After the house was finally raided and her body discovered – cops also found dozens of bone fragments and body parts believed to be of missing girls that are being examined after the arrest of 66-year-old car mechanic Gheorghe Dinka, suspected of being the country’s worst serial killer.

Credit: CEN
Police Chief Ioanu Will and Head of Special Communication Service Ionel-Sorinel Vasilka resigned

So far he has been linked with two murders, but further examinations are being carried out and other missing child cases being investigated.

The girl who cops failed to save had managed to gain access to the telephone used by the man to say she had been raped, but only her dead body could be recovered after the delay in responding.

Romania has been shocked by the killings in the city of Caracal and there were protests in Bucharest where more than 100,000 people signed a petition to return the death penalty which was abolished in 1990. Police Chief Ioanu Will and the Head of Special Communication Service Ionel-Sorinel Vasilka were forced to resign over the scandal.

In particular, the abduction and rape of his last victim and the bungling way the police handled it meant that they had to step down. It was revealed that the girl had dialled the emergency number 112 and reported about her abduction and rape, but as well as taking 17 hours to find the property they also waited two hours to obtain a search warrant. 

An analysis of the phone call shows the policeman who answered failed to properly question 15-year-old Alexandra Machesana in order to find out where she was held.

So far, he has been tied to the murder of Alexandra who disappeared on 24th July after going to school from her village of Dobrosloveni, and who made the phone call that cops failed to act on in time, and 18-year-old Louise Melenka, who disappeared in April.

Credit: CEN
15-year-old Alexandra Machesana disappeared on Wednesday morning, July 24

The 66-year-old was allegedly able to prey on the girls by cashing in on the fact that there is not a functioning public transport system in the area, and many people rely on hitchhiking in order to get around, including children who need to get to school.

In his interview he admitted he had picked up the 15-year-old in his Renault and said she had asked to be taken to school, and he admitted asking her about her sex life. He said she was reluctant to answer, and when he asked for sex she had refused so he allegedly hit her on the head and covered her mouth with scotch tape.

Remains of his victims were found in a refrigerator, in a nearby lake and also in a barrel that was kept in a warehouse and in containers filled with acid. He had initially denied any involvement, and said the women’s clothing in his home belonged to his wife. Only later did he reportedly confess to the killing, but said the girls had voluntarily gone to his house for sex and he had killed them because they got into a row.

The wife of the suspect reportedly moved to Italy together with their four adult children and neighbours confirmed that they understood she had gone there because he beat her.

Credit: CEN
The suspect

Local media have dubbed him “the monster of Olt” after the region where the killings occurred and say they believe he may well be the worst serial killer in the history of the country. 

The news about his arrest shocked many people who knew him, such as former colleagues at the hospital where he was a janitor in the 90s and they had only praise for his work. At the turn of the century he then opened the garage and worked as a mechanic and then later became a truck driver.

The investigation is continuing.

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Story By: Anna GuranSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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