Cops Stop Traffic As Huge Croc Crosses Busy Road

This is the moment kindhearted cops stop the traffic on both sides of a busy road to let a huge crocodile cross the street.

The bulky croc, which is well known in the area and has been named ‘Juancho’ by local residents, resides in Carpenter’s Lagoon the city of Tampico in the north-eastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

Video Credit: CEN/@Claudia Batiz

The crocodile was filmed by motorists crossing the Boulevard Fidel Velazquez main road and one clip is going viral on Facebook with 937,000 views.

In the video, shared by netizen ‘Claudia Batiz’, the croc is seen walking across the road as the traffic is stopped on both sides by a uniformed officer.

Video Credit: CEN

A woman is heard saying in the background: “No way! Look, it is crossing!”

Credit: CEN/@Claudia Batiz
The crocodile crossing the road

Meanwhile, dozens of stunned residents stand nearby and film the scenes with their phones.

According to local media, Tampico firefighters arrived on the scene to help the massive reptile return to the nearby lagoon.

It is believed the croc left the lagoon during night and wanted to return to cool off from the sun.

Civil Protection coordinator Pedro Granados confirmed that the croc was returned without incident, saying: “There was not a problem, it was helped back into the water.”

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