Cops Bust Man Who Helped Make Ronaldinhos Fake Passport

A man who allegedly “directly participated” in the creation of Ronaldinho’s false documents has been arrested.

The Paraguayan prosecution raided Wilson Arellano’s home yesterday (Monday) where authorities detained him over alleged ties to a criminal group that provides false documentation.

Public Ministry prosecutor Federico Delfino told local media: “Wilson is part of a criminal group we have been investigating for some time.

“They provide Paraguayan documents with false content.”

The documents are reportedly official but contain false information. They are allegedly arranged by Paraguayan Bernardo Arellano who reportedly works in the Migrations Department of the country.

Credit: Golders/@pipinocuevas23
Nelson Cuevas with Ronaldinho

Bernardo has reportedly already been processed in the case.

Delfino added Wilson “had active participation in the management to get the documents to businesswoman Dalia Lopez. He, along with other people, was in charge of managing the documents from his father.”

According to the prosecution’s office, Dalia Lopez is the head of a network which “assists in the elaboration and use of identity and passport documents containing false content.”

She allegedly asked for the false documents for Ronaldinho, 40, and his brother Roberto de Assis who were detained on 6th March by Paraguayan authorities after they reportedly used them to enter the country.

There is a warrant for Lopez’s arrest however she has not been found by authorities.

Ronaldinho went to Paraguay in March to participate in a charity event called ‘Angelical Fraternity’.

He and his brother Roberto de Assis were kept in a Specialised Unit in the Paraguayan capital Asuncion.

Specialised Unit is a term used in Paraguay which refers to a prison where high-profile prisoners such as politicians and other public figures are kept.

The two were granted permission to remain under house arrest on 7th April after spending more than a month in prison. Ronaldinho is reportedly being kept in a presidential suite at a luxury four-star hotel called Hotel Palmaroga in Asuncion.

His defence claims the passports were given to him as a symbolic gift and he accidentally presented it at the airport thinking it was his Brazilian passport.

The investigation is ongoing.

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Story By:  Juan Mayes Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Golder’s News And Sport

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