Cop Tells Black Kids To Leave His Neighbourhood

A group of young black teenagers who were raising money for charity were told to go back to their neighbourhood by an off-duty police officer.

The incident was filmed by one of the adolescents in the neighbourhood of Lakewood in the south-eastern state of California in the United States.

The person seen speaking to the camera is 16-year-old Donovan, who describes himself as a Martial Artist and writer from Compton, who was there with his two friends Zeke and Matthew.

Donovan told Newsflash: “I’m basically a paperboy. I sell newspapers and collect donations for a non-profit organisation called hustle for humanity.

Credit: Newsflash/@kiingofthefalll

“ (It) funds the charity and also schools gives us a chance to earn legal money”

Donovan says he was with two other friends walking around the neighbourhood of Lakewood when they were stopped and asked to leave by a man who told them he was a police officer and showed them his badge.

Donovan said: “My partners were patrolling and he basically told us that he didn’t want us to be in Lakewood doing what we were.”

Donovan shared the video of the confrontation on social media with the post: “Racism at it’s best. White man wants us to leave Lakewood and what we are doing is completely legal.”

In the video the youngster can be seen interrogating the man, asking him why he wants them to leave when they have every right to be walking in any neighbourhood.

He can be heard saying: “What I was told is that you told these guys to go back to their neighbourhood.”

To which the off-duty cop replies: “What I am saying is that you guys are from Saint Peter and what are you doing in Lakewood?

The teenager replied: “We don’t have to forfeit our right to be here because you don’t want us to be.

“As a black man, i don’t face any scares from law enforcement officers at all.”

The officer identifies himself, showing his badge and saying: “My name is deputy Buck, I work for Lakewood sheriff station.”

The teen then turns to the camera and says: “This is what we don’t want, we are in the neighbourhood trying to do something positive, trying off stay off the street, and this guy right here is trying to stop us doing something positive and totally legal in the community.”

The video has been seen over 17,000 times and many social media users have applauded how they handled the situation.

One user wrote: “Kudos, young man! I commend you. You handled that very well.. you can always report his discriminatory racist self to his captain at Lakewood, headquarters & internal affairs so we can keep an eye out for that one.”

While another netizen commented: “There aren’t too many 16 Y.O. with your intellect, discipline and courage!!!! Please stay grounded and true to who you are. Much love and respect.”

There is no further news as to whether any action has been taken against the officer or the police have been notified.

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Story By: Lisa-Maria Goertz, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

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