Charity Worker Trans Woman Booted From Hospital

A transgender woman giving free hair styles to elderly patients in a Russian hospital says she was kicked out after she refused to wash off her makeup.

The shocking incident took place in the city of Yekaterinburg in western Russia’s Sverdlovsk Oblast region where the transgender hairstylist known as Martha agreed to give a hand at a free hair styling session with elderly people as part of the Day of the Elderly person.

Video Credit: CEN/@ Marta Katastrofa

The event was organised by the Red Riding-hood charity organisation, and Martha claims she wanted to make sure in advance that they will be content with her candidacy.

She said: “I insisted that the charity organisation inform their bosses about me, that I am not a standard woman. I got an answer that the head chef of the hospital is only interested in my professional qualifications and does not care about the rest.”

When she got to the hospital Martha decided to live-stream her day on Instagram.

Credit: CEN/@Marta Katastrofa
The transgender woman

Local media report that shorty after Martha went live, the hospital boss identified as Oleg Zabrodin started getting numerous calls regarding her appearance there.

This is when Martha was first asked to change her look, and after refusing to do so, she had to leave.

The hairdresser said: “I was kicked out of the hospital, can you imagine? I am shocked. I was asked to wash off my makeup and change my clothes. I told them to go to hell. ”

A video that shows Martha styling elderly people shows Martha’s work really transforming women that she worked on, leaving them delighted with their looks.

The controversial event has sparked a lot of debated amongst netizens.

Credit: CEN/@Marta Katastrofa
The transgender woman cutting hair

Netizen ‘Timur Nakiev’ said: “Well, they did the right thing that they kicked her out.”

Another one ‘Ulya Uzhik’ added: “Bottom line is how the person feels at the end of the day. Appearance does not matter. When a person is kind, and has a good soul, it is already enough.”

While ‘Anna Balobanova’ noted the transformation of the women, commenting: “Amazingly-transformed grandmothers, it is crucial that they liked it.”

With one only identified as ‘Anna’ adding: “It’s a good thing that there still people willing to help.”

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Story By:  Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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