Cancer Man, 28, Cries As PopStar Pays For Last Chance Op

This is the moment a 28-year-old cancer sufferer is moved to tears when a famous pop star hands him an envelope of cash to help pay for the life-saving treatment branded his ‘only hope’.

According to reports, 28-year-old Milan Milosevic from the southern Serbian city of Leskovac suffers from an adenocarcinoma of the oesophagus which has also spread to his liver and lungs.

Video Credit: CEN/@boki_tatko_predsednik

Amadeus Band keyboardist Bojan Stanimirovic, 41, visited Milosevic to hand him 4,000 EUR (3,500 GBP) towards treatment in Turkey he needs and made an appeal for other people to donate as well.

Credit: CEN
The men hugging

Stanimirovic said: “He will leave for Turkey tomorrow or the day after as he now has the money he was missing. You all need to donate as well because he will need a second treatment in 20 days. We now have enough for the first one.”

In the footage, Milosevic cried when the keyboardist makes the impassioned plea to camera.

By his side is girlfriend Tijana Miljkovic, 25, who explained that Milosevic’s immune system has been badly damaged and their only hope is to travel to a clinic in Istanbul, Turkey.

She added: “With each new check-up, it was confirmed that the disease is spreading. We concluded that the options in Serbia are limited and now exhausted.

“Milan’s immune system is completely damaged and our only hope is a therapy in the clinic Acibadem in Istanbul, where they told us to call once we collect the money, and according to other’s experiences, they do not receive patients for whom there is no hope.

Credit: CEN/@dragana_mirkovic
Serbian singer Dragana Mirkovic and Milan Milosevic

“He was comforting us. He told us he is young and that he will overcome that. He believed all the time. But the disease was progressively spreading.

“In the past month he has very strong pain and a morphine cannot calm the pain so much, so his optimism now is dropping.”

Netizen ‘Mirkovicjr’ commented: “You are a brave man.”

‘Peci2507’ said: “Well done Bojan! I am proud to know you and to be from the same city as you.”

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Story By: Angjela TrajkovskaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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