Bungling Protestor Writes Wighte Lives Matter On Fence

This is the hilarious moment a bungling counter-protestor is filmed spray painting “WIGHTE LIVES MATTER” onto a picket fence in a bizarre spelling mistake in an American city which has gone viral.

The message was filmed being sprayed onto the fence in the city of Sunbury in the state of Pennsylvania and the clip was later posted onto TikTok where it has gone viral, receiving over 2.5 million views.

In the footage, the person recording can be heard saying “this cannot be real” as they film a person spraying a white picket fence with the words ‘wighte lives matter’, seemingly a bizarre misspelling of ‘white lives matter’.

The people off-camera can be heard in fits of laughter as they record the scene.

Credit: Newsflash/@rdhicks1999

The incident reportedly took place on Reagan Street and local councillor Chris Reis told local media the fence was painted over within 24 hours by neighbours.

Reis added that the incident does not reflect the city, which promotes diversity.

The spray painter appears to be working against the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, although most counter-protestors have used the slogan ‘all lives matter’.

The incident comes as a banner with the words ‘WHITE LIVES MATTER BURNLEY’ was flown over the Etihad Stadium in Manchester during Manchester City’s football match with Burnley yesterday (Monday).



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