Bullied Boy Gets Scooter And Scholarship After Viral Vid

The chubby Indonesian delivery boy who was filmed being bullied on his bike in two viral videos has been awarded a school scholarship and a new e-scooter while the eight suspects have all been arrested.

The young victim, identified as 12-year-old Rizal, was filmed being beaten and humiliated in Bonto Bonto in the Indonesian province of South Sulawesi.

In the video, one bully is seen waiting to ambush the chubby boy on his bike while his pals laugh in the background.

Credit: CEN
The scooter Rizal got

The surprised victim rides into a small ditch and comes off his bike. He lies motionless in the grass as the gang of bullies laugh wildly.

At the end of the first clip, the boy is seen gingerly getting up as several men arrive on motorbikes.

In the second video, the victim is seen being pushed around by one man on a motorbike.

The chubby boy responds by bending his licence plate and the angered biker slaps him and throws him to the ground.

After the footage went viral on social media, the authorities in South Sulawesi reportedly decided to gift the victim with a brand new electric scooter to make it easier for him to continue his delivery rounds.

Credit: CEN
The boy Rizal who was bullied

The case even caught the attention of Rizky Irmansyah, aide to the Indonesian defence minister Prabowo Subianto, who offered the boy a scholarship until he finishes high school as well as monetary assistance, according to local media.

Irmansyah said the incident moved him very much and he wanted to extend a helping hand to the bullied youngster.

According to reports, the official even video-called Rizal to inform him that his education is secured from now on.

Meanwhile, the eight alleged bullies have reportedly been arrested and detained at the Pangkep Regional Police Station as the investigation continues.

Credit: CEN
Rizal now has scooter and his education will be secured

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Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorMichael Leidig,  Agency: Central European News

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