Bryan Adams Slams Humans As Disgusting Mess On Beach Run

Credit: CEN/@bryanadams
Bryan Adams picking up rubbish from the beach in Montevideo

Canadian rock star Bryan Adams has hit the headlines in Uruguay after going for a run on a polluted beach in the city’s capital and complaining about humans being “a disgusting mess as a race”.

The 59-year-old singer, who is in the middle of his ‘Shine a Light’ world tour decided to go for a run on the beach in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, in the morning of hid concert at the Antel Arena.

Video Credit: CEN/@bryanadams

The ‘Summer of ‘69’ singer shared a video of himself running on the beach, but also some pictures of the rubbish he found on his way, including nappies, plastic items and other rubbish.

He wrote alongside the images: “Running down the beach in Montevideo, Uruguay, the jewel of South America. Stunning place, my third time here. Before the invention of plastic, the beaches here must have been other worldly, now the ocean spews out the offerings of other places, plastic that’s been in the oceans for years.

Credit: CEN/@bryanadams
The rubbish found in the Montevideo beach

“Diapers that take hundreds of years to disintegrate lay strewn all over the place, look at the photo, still bundled up in a little parcel, that not even the mighty ocean could claim. We are a disgusting mess as a race and we need to protect the beauty that we’ve been blessed to live in. What are you doing to help in your home?

The video received over 56,000 likes and the singer then decided to clean up some of the rubbish from the beach with his bandmates.

He shared pictures of their effort with the caption: “The problem with ocean plastic is not just a local problem, it is a massive global problem”.

Credit: CEN/@bryanadams
Bryan Adams and his mates in the beach picking up rubbish

Netizen ‘angesofiiia’ commented: “I not only love you for your music, but also for your actions, the best.”

And ‘fridacompan’ said: “Very sad! It is a pity that my country is not aware (of this problem), love you Bryan.”

While ‘paulina_veragua’ added: “How horrible, I cannot believe it, I couldn’t stand seeing all those things, although I know it is not correct, but seeing a dead rat lying like nothing on the seashore, shocked me, I do not understand how human beings went too far. We are not able to be aware of all that is happening in this world and I feel anger knowing nobody does anything, there are so few people who go to the beach to pick up the rubbish thrown by other people who have no morals to take care of the planet”.

Credit: CEN/@bryanadams
The rubbish found in the Montevideo beach

After the story was published in Uruguayan media, the National Director of the Environment Department, Alejandro Nario, told local media that what Bryan Adams complained about is a reality which is happening on the coasts of the country.

He also said that the rubbish seen on the beach is not only the rubbish thrown out by people but also items dragged out by the sea.

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