Breathtaking Encounter With Killer Whale Mum And Her Calf

Killer whale mother and her calf are captured on camera swimming side by side in the ocean.

Cinematographer Evan Brodsky, 32, caught the amazing scene off Monterey Bay, California, USA, on 3rd October.

In the footage, the mother and son orcas (Orcinus orca) – known to ocean conservationists as CA58 and CA58B – swim and drive through the sea next to each other at a synchronised pace.

Evan Brodsky | Monterey Bay Whale Watch/Newsflash

Brodsky explained on his Instagram post: “In most cases, animals disperse from their parents at a certain age.

“However, orcas aren’t very fond of that practice and many of them will remain right beside their mothers until the day she dies.”

The orca advocate who also works as a boat crew member for the Monterey Bay Whale Watch says he loves filming the stunning animals and spent his whole childhood on the ocean.

He told Newsflash: “I’ve been fortunate enough to be on the ocean pretty much my whole life, from when I was in diapers, driving the family boat, sitting on my dad’s lap.

“I grew up in Southern California, in the Channel Islands, and recently moved to Monterey.”

Monterey Bay Whale Watch is a whale observing agency that provides tours focused on learning about whales and their environment.

Owned and operated by marine biologists, the agency’s main goals are conservation of whale habitats as well as being respectful towards them as living beings.

Brodsky added: “Monterey Bay Whale Watch is the original company that invented whale watching, basically here in the west coast of California, if not the whole world.

“We are owned by Nancy Black, she is a world-renowned, whale and dolphin, specifically killer whale researcher.

“So we are a female-owned and operated whale-watching company, out of Monterey Bay, we are the only company where our tours are led by marine biologists, and we run trips every day.”

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Story By: Georgina JadikovskaSub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

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