Brazilian Man Who Had Himself Vaccinated Against COVID 5 Times Caught Trying To Get 6th Shot

A Brazilian man who cheated the system and got five COVID-19 vaccines has been caught after he still did not feel ‘immune’ enough against the virus, and attempted to get his sixth shot.

The Brazilian man, who was not identified, is being investigated by authorities after the Municipal Health Department (SMS) of Rio de Janeiro found he had been vaccinated five times and was on the cusp of receiving his sixth shot on an unspecified day last week.

Local news site G1 reports that the man received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, two CoronaVac and one AstraZeneca shot between 12th May and 21st July.

According to local media, the Brazilian health system requires all citizens getting vaccinated to present an ID card at the vaccination centre which should theoretically stop people from abusing the system.

Credit: Google Maps/Newsflash
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where a man who is being investigated after allegedly trying to get vaccinated for a sixth time after already receiving five doses of Covid vaccines.

However, according to local news site G1 the suspect went to three different vaccination centres which allowed him to take advantage of the system and get vaccinated five times.

The Ministry of Health is investigating the circumstances of this event and is also analyzing whether there are other similar cases.

It is not clear what charges if any the man could be facing or if he suffered any side effects after being vaccinated five times.

John Hopkins University reports that there have been 20,614,866 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Brazil and 575,742 related deaths as of today (25th August) making it one of the worst affected countries in the world.

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