Brave Bull Wins Hearts With Abattoir Double Escape

A bull has become a local celebrity after it escaped with its life from its slaughterhouse owners twice in two days and still remains on the run despite a huge ongoing search.

The one-year-old bull named Jerry first escaped from its owners near the city of Split on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast on 25th October and was recaptured the following day before breaking free again.

Credit: CEN
Facebook page support for Jerry

Local Croatians are calling for the plucky animal to be spared and a Facebook group called ‘Support for Jerry the bull’ has been launched with netizens commenting “justice for Jerry” and “Hang in there bull”.

The abattoir owner Petar Skejo claimed that the police last saw the runaway 650-kilogramme (1,433-lbs) bull near the area of Rudin outside Split but was unable to capture it.

He told local media: “Yes, he escaped again. Although very tired, he still managed to escape from us twice.”

Credit: CEN
Dron used in the search

The bull’s owner Ivan Bozic said: “We are aware that the animal has become very popular. Given the fame he is currently enjoying, it would be a shame to end his life.

“We would have slaughtered him yesterday if we had caught him, but if we catch him today we will think about what to do with him.”

According to local media, the police, volunteers, vets and a group of hunters are still searching for the runaway bull, which was named after the iconic mouse from the ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoon series.

Credit: CEN
The gate where Jerry escaped

When asked how the animal managed to escape from the slaughterhouse twice, Skejo said: “I simply do not know. Apparently, brute force defeated technology.”

Many local residents and online commentators are cheering on the plucky bull’s bid for freedom, with on netizen remarking: “Jerry chose to live and show us all how to fight for life and survival against all odds. That is why he deserves our backing. Support his great desire for life!”

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Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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