Body Modification Addict Dubbed Human Satan Says He Believes In God

This heavily tattooed body-modification addict dubbed ‘Human Satan’ has said that he believes in God.

Michel Faro Praddo hit headlines earlier this week for chopping off his ring finger and replacing his teeth with silver crowns.

They were the latest in a series of body modifications that include adding silver ‘tusks’ to either side of his mouth, several ‘horns’ on his head, and numerous implants underneath his skin.

Credit: @diabaopraddo/Newsflash
Michel Faro Prado from Brazil, known for mutilating his body to look like the devil.

The 44-year-old tattoo artist has also split his tongue, surgically removed his ears and the end of his nose, and tattooed most if not all of his skin and even his eyeballs black.

However, his devilish appearance did not stop him from making a surprising confession this week – he believes in God.

He told news site UOL: “It was one day when I assisted an elderly man on the street and took him to A&E. I was harassed by a religious woman at the centre and that day I ‘came out’.

“I mean, you can label me anything, because I know who I am. I believe in God and that the figure of the Devil was created by man.”

Despite being a believer, Praddo says he does not follow any specific religion, seeing himself as more of a spiritual person.

He said: “I believe in God as a source of power, love, wisdom and various attributes that nurture life as a whole.”

He added: “The devil is beautiful. The Book of Genesis, as well as the Book of Isaiah, says that Jesus did not inhabit a beautiful form, that his appearance was of a dry root in the desert. All fiction…

“If you take the New Testament, every man of God was labelled a kind of ‘Devil’, even Jesus himself.”

Praddo, who lives in the coastal city of Praia Grande and whose wife is also heavily tattooed, said his next plan is to get his hand split down the middle “to make it more open”.

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Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorJames King, Agency: Newsflash

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