Blogger Wows After Losing 16 Stone In 1 Year

This popular Russian blogger has wowed her army of followers with her body transformation after losing almost 16 stone in a little over a year just by healthy eating.

Blogger Sofia Broyan, who is mostly known for her short comedy-like videos, has inspired her 2 million Instagram followers them with her drastic body transformation.

Broyan has proven she is not only a comedian but a real fighter in her battle for her good health and a slimmer physique.

The Russian blogger had tried all kind of diets and workouts prior before finally making deciding to simply stick to healthy meals.

She confessed that for a long time one element that she was lacking in her chase for weight loss was the support of her family and loved ones.

She said: “I did not feel any real support. Yes, people would say ‘yes, it would be good if you lost weight’. But nobody would take my hand and say: ‘Let me help you with how to do that, you will manage it’.”

This is why just like many other people I would start a diet and after a while would have a break, and would gain even more weight as a result of that.”

One of the key reasons why Broyan has finally decided to go through with her plan to lose weight once and for all was her back problem.

She said: “One day my lower back simply stopped working and I was unable to get out of bed.”

Due to her excessive weight, she was unable to do sport without the risk of damaging her back even more, so she had to start with dieting.

She believes that 90 percent of her success of losing 100 kilogrammes (15.7 stone) in a little over a year, was sticking to healthy food.

The remaining 10 percent she attributed to doing exercise. The blogger has not revealed how much she weighed originally or now.

In order to keep herself motivated and avoid setbacks – for example midnight snacks – she recommends her followers constantly take pictures of themselves so they can compare how they look.

Sofia admits her transformation was difficult, saying: “It is really hard to recall all the pain, tears and worrying. I can say without any exaggeration that I went through seven circles of hell.”

Netizens were inspired by the blogger and have expressed their support in what she does, with
‘zolotaya_31’ writing: “You rock! Well done!”

Another one named ‘juuliska_art’ commented: “What an amazing result!”

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Story By:  Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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