Baby Maria Alice’s ‘Fangs’ Make Her A Double For Movie Vamp

Little nipper Maria Alice has become a viral sensation after her parents noticed that her early canine teeth made her an undead ringer for a vampire.

The 14-month-old tot’s fang-like choppers started coming through just after she celebrated her first birthday.

Now, thanks to her mum’s inspired use of social media, Maria Alice has become a massive online star.

Some say she is an undead ringer for the character Mavis from the hit animated movie Hotel Transylvania.

One video made by mum Millena de Ornelas, 24, from Curitiba, Brazil, has been viewed more than 13 million times and has over 630,000 likes.


Eyebrow artist Millena said in an interview with Brazilian news portal Crescer: “We started calling her little vampire, I never imagined it would reach so many people.

“Many started commenting that she looked like Mavis, a character from Hotel Transylvania. Then a follower suggested we do a photo shoot with this theme.”

Dental experts say her fame is down to her baby teeth coming in out of the normal order.

A toddler’s first teeth are usually their lower front incisors but instead both Maria Alice’s pointed canines came through early.

Mum Millena said: “The two came through together, at one year and a few weeks.

“We were surprised and also worried, because until then we didn’t know if it was normal.

“However, her paediatrician said it’s common for teeth to come in out of order, so we felt more reassured.”

Picture shows Maria Alice, 1, undated. She is from Curitiba, Brazil. (@maria.alice_lili/Newsflash)

And Millena says Maria Alice was not the first baby vampire in the family.

She explained: “My mother says my first teeth were like Maria Alice’s, but unfortunately, we don’t have photos because at that time we didn’t have a camera.

“We took few photos, and none of them show the teeth.”

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