Baby Hippo Takes First Steps With Mum At Spanish Zoo

This is the moment a cute hippo calf gets to know its surroundings alongside its mum at a Spanish zoo.

The hippo (Hippopotamus amphibious) was born two weeks ago at Valencia Bioparc in the eastern Spanish city of Valencia and zoo staff said the calf has started taking its first tentative steps.

The cute offspring’s parents Raff and Rigas are said to be calm and protective of their adorable little calf.

The hippo family spends a lot of time in the water where the calf has spent most of its early weeks, but is now confident enough to explore other areas of their enclosure.

Credit: Newsflash/Bioparc Valencia

The zoo’s video shows the cute calf feasting next to its mum and also enjoying a dunk in the water.

The pool contains fish and plants to recreate the hippos’ natural environment as much as possible, according to the zoo.

The Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) categorises hippos as ‘vulnerable’.

Their population has been decreasing due to a decline in African wetland areas such as Lake Victoria.

Credit: Newsflash/Bioparc Valencia
Hippo cub enjoys first steps after birth in Spanish zoo in Valencia

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