Baby Has Fracture And Nearly Dies In Botched Home Birth

A newborn baby – who was allegedly delivered at home with the help of a single midwife without medical experience – has nearly died during birth after suffering leg fractures and being starved of oxygen.

The tot was saved by hospital professionals in the city of Semiluki in the south-western Russian region of Voronezh Oblast following the bungled birth, according to local media.

Reports said the baby’s foot was dislocated during birth and the unnamed midwife tried to remedy the situation, but the foot ended up turning a dark colour.

Credit: CEN/@club_vrn_36
A child nearly died at home birth without a doctor

The mother and baby were reportedly taken to a nearby hospital and doctors were able to save the newborn.

As well as the foot dislocation, doctors discovered that the newborn had suffered leg fractures as well, according to local media.

Olga Samofalova, chief obstetrician of the Voronezh Health Department, said the unnamed midwife did not have a medical background and was ill-equipped to deal with the situation.

She said: “Doctors managed to save the mother and her child, but the newborn had birth injuries such as hypoxia (when the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply), broken legs and body swelling.”

Although the mother and baby have both returned home, reports said the infant will still need long-term treatment and rehabilitation.

Samofalova said that around 30 births take place at home in the region of Voronezh Oblast each year.

It is currently unclear whether the local authorities are looking into the incident.

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Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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