Austrian Hospital Outrages Patients After It Serves Hitler’s Favourite Food On His Birthday

A hospital in Austria has outraged its patients after serving them Adolf Hitler’s favourite dish on the day of his birthday.

People were reportedly shocked when they received Hitler’s favourite food – egg dumplings and green salad – for lunch on the day of his birth on Thursday, 20th April 2023.

The meal – according to an angered patient whose identity was not disclosed – came in addition to bacon dumpling soup at the hospital in the town of Amstetten, in the Austrian state of Lower Austria.

The man said: “On the birthday of a mega-idiot.

“Is that a coincidence or not? Egg dumplings with salad and that on the birthday of a mega idiot.”

Picture shows menu with egg dumplings with green salad (Eiernockerl), undated. It was considered allegedly Adolf Hitler’s favorite dish and appeared in menu of hospital and restaurants in Austria on the Hitler’s birthday on April, 20 every year. (@pernysimbiss/Newsflash)

A spokeswoman for the state health agency (LGA) said: “This is a rotating menu for eight weeks. Egg dumplings therefore occur every eight weeks.

“We very much regret that this fell on today and we apologise for this mistake.”

In addition, the dish also prompted a furious debate on social media, after a restaurant in the city of Vienna’s 11th district Simmering served it for the price of EUR 8.40 (GBP 7.44) the same day.

Claiming that it was only a coincidence, the restaurant’s manager, who has not been named, said: “Two people have already spoken to me about it today.

“I have nothing to do with it and didn’t know it.”

Egg dumplings, known in German as ‘Eiernockerl’, were said to be the Fuehrer’s favourite food by Holocaust denier and former district council member for the Freedom Party Wolfgang Froehlich in 1997.

Ever since, some restaurants in Austria advertise the dish – otherwise served in restaurants every day of the year – as a ‘daily special’ on 20th April every year.

However, the allegation about the dish has not been confirmed by historians.

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Story By: Georgina JadikovskaSub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

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