Austrian Apartments Heated By Beer Making To Save Planet

Nine hundred new apartments in Austria are to be heated by a brewery using the remains of the beer brewing process in a move designed to save the planet.

The key to the project is using sustainable waste heat, which is left over from the beer brewing process at the Schwechat Brewery located southeast of Vienna bordering Lower Austria to heat apartments.

Credit: CEN/ EVN - Antal
From left to right: Stefan Szyszkowitz (CEO EVN AG), Christof Anderle (Arthur Krupp), Karin Baier (mayor Schwechat), Simon Jahn (city council Schwechat), Martin Eichtinger (Lower Austria), Lukas Sykora (wohngut real estate group), Birgit Kolar (apartment owner ), Walter Mayr (NBG -Lower Austrian non-profit construction and housing cooperative for workers and employees), Anton Bosch (Aura condominiums), Gerald Pichler (Atlas non-profit housing and housing cooperative), Christian Huber ((Brewmaster region North Brau Union Austria)

The apartments are built on the site of the old brewery building and Brau Union Austria together with energy provider EVN have worked together to ensure the heat created in the biological fermentation process of the beer is pumped to the apartments using heat pumps. 

The biogenic fermentation heat from the brewery is converted into sustainable heating for the new homes.

Gabriela Maria Straka from Brau Union said: “We aim to act in a sustainable way and also create added value. We are working with cooperation partners, this is how we now have started an innovative concept whereby people can be supplied with warmth, which is biogenic, this can then be used in a meaningful way and this is contributing to society as well as the environment in a positive way.

To celebrate this the new apartment owners were given a beer from the local brewery.

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Story By: Kathryn QuinnSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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