Athlete Loses Sponsor For Kicking Dog During Race

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This is the moment a Colombian runner kicks a dog during a race and he has now lost his sponsor after enraged netizens shared the clip.

The incident occurred during the Saint Silvester Road Race carried out in the town and municipality of Neira located in the department of Caldas in Colombia on 31st December when Colombian runner Jaime Alejandro was seen kicking a dog.

The video shows the moment Alejandro and several other participants are running up a street as a brown dog can be seen running to their left.

Video Credit: Golders/@PaulinaLaponte

As the group of runners approach a corner, the dog tries to cross in front of them. Alejandro is then seen kicking the dog on its hind legs so hard that the pooch is pushed several feet forward from the force of the strike.

The runners carry on running around the corner as if nothing happened and the dog continues jogging after regaining its balance.

Alejandro later posted a video apologising for the incident saying: “I did not consider my actions. I have no excuses and I do not justify what I did.

“I hope I can repay for this somehow, maybe helping dogs in the street. I will not be posting that on social media but I will know what I did.

Credit: Golders/@jesusrunner90
Jaime Alejandro

“I am not justifying my actions but it was a moment of euphoria in the race. I was not thinking and I know I can be a brute when I am competing.”

However, his apology seemingly did not go down well as American sportswear company Under Armour released a statement yesterday (Wednesday) distancing themselves from the runner and ending their endorsement deal.

The statement said: “Under Armour has ended its relation with Jaime Alejandro (@jesusrunner90) after the video came to light in recent days.

“As a company, we do not tolerate any violence or behaviour that may harm or put animals in danger.”

Credit: Golders/@jesusrunner90
Jaime Alejandro

Alejandro has not made a statement since Under Armour’s announcement.

The Saint Silvester Road Race is a popular race celebrated around the world. It is usually considered the last race of the year as it is carried out on 31st December every year.

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