Artist Wows Top Cities With Gravity-Defying Sculptures

Meet the world-renowned artist whose acrobatic gravity-defying sculptures have been installed in many top cities across the globe.

Jerzy Kedziora, born in1947 in Czestochowa in the southern Polish region of Silesian Voivodeship, has become one of the East European country’s most influential sculptors after graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk in 1972.

Credit: CEN/Bartlomiej Kedziora
Balboa Park, San Diego, USA

Since the 1990’s, Kedziora has been working on a series of sculptures that feature suspended figures that appear to be defying gravity.

The 71-year-old artist depicts human figures that include acrobats and sportsmen that are suspended in the air using thin, strong cables.

His impressive sculptures have brightened up the cityscapes of Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE as well as San Diego in the US, Lourdes in France and Krakow in his native Poland, among others.

Kedziora told local media: “I consider myself a creator, a slave to an idea. My sculptures should be interpreted in a broad context, like finding oneself in a different reality.

Credit: CEN/Bartlomiej Kedziora
‘Under the Dubai Sky’, Dubai, UAE

He added: “My art is aimed at obtaining a new perspective which will change the observer’s view.”

One of Kedziora’s most popular sculptures are suspended over the Kladka Bernatka footbridge in Krakow.

Spread over the 130-metre (427-foot) long bridge, 10 human figures gracefully balance in acrobatic positions on steel wires attached to the bridge’s supporting beams.

Kedziora has gained international acclaim for his works and has presented exhibitions in Madrid, Berlin, Rotherham, Miami and many other cities around the world.

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