Archaeologists Unearth Knights 600yo Medieval Sword

Archaeologists have discovered this medieval sword created by a master smith for an esteemed knight during a dig at a castle in Spain.

The well-preserved sword was discovered during a dig at the castle of Anin, a small village of around 100 inhabitants in the Castellon province, in the eastern Spanish region of Valencia.

The archaeologists who discovered the sword, dating from the 14th century, say that the item is “exceptional” and added that it is uncommon to find pieces like this in an archaeological survey.

The medieval sword discovered in during the archaeological excavations at the castle Ain

Vicente Vivo, the archaeologist in charge of the works, told local media: “All the items were recovered, they were precious, very expensive, owned by soldiers or knights. They did not tend to be left in the place after being abandoned. And of the ones that are left there are normally only fragments or they are badly damaged.

“Here we can see the whole sword. Obviously it is rusted as it is more than six centuries old, but it is in a good state of preservation.”

The sword is 94 centimetres (37 inches) long and the handle measures 13 centimetres (five inches). There are two bronze rings surrounding the handle.

It is believed the sword was preserved thanks to the destruction of the castle during the War of the Two Peters (1356 – 1375) between Pedro I of Castilla and Pedro IV of Aragon.

The sword was found in a room with a mortar floor and Vivo said: “It is said that the castle was destroyed abruptly, there was no time to loot it, it was not abandoned. The sword fell after a fire or an attack” when Pedro de Castilla’s forces were travelling to Valencia.

The medieval sword discovered in during the archaeological excavations at the castle Ain

He added: “I hope there are more (weapons), although we still do not know.”

It is believed the sword was created by an armour master, not a traditional smith. It was seemingly made for a renowned knight.

The sword will be restored by the Valencian Institute of Preservation and Recovery of Cultural Goods.

Vivo said: “The technicians will give the needed treatment to stabilise it and will see how they can clean the blade.”

The sword will reportedly be exhibited in a museum after it is restored.

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  1. Martina

    Looks amazing discovery, as it is well preserved and in good conditions despite the age… Interesting what you can find under our buildings though.

  2. darkknight

    Wow! every boy dreams to find such a toy 😀

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