Arab Oil Workers Attacked After Saucy Snap Posted Online

This is the moment a bloodied Arab oil worker shrieks in terror as he is beaten by a Kazakh mob outraged over his colleague’s saucy snap of a local woman.

According to local media, over 40 workers from Arab countries such as Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon were targeted by Kazakh colleagues after Lebanese contractor Elie Daoud posted a suggestive photo of the local woman.

Video Credit: CEN

In the picture, Daoud is seen using the antenna of his walkie talkie to make it appear as though a Kazakh woman is sucking it.

Local workers at the field outside the western Kazakh city of Atyrau were reportedly outraged after the snap was shared on WhatsApp and randomly attacked Arab migrant workers.

Video Credit: CEN

The Palestinian, Jordanian and Lebanese embassies have called on the Kazakh authorities to take action, according to local media in the wake of the violence.

Credit: CEN
Arabs beaten until bruised and bloodied by local colleagues

Reports also said that there have been tensions between local and foreign workers over inequalities in working conditions at the oil field.

The Tengizchevroil company, which is part of a venture including Chevron and ExxonMobil, transferred its Arab workers to Atyrau, five hours from the oil field, according to local media.

Lebanese foreign officials later announced that a total of 150 nationals were processing their documents to leave the country as a result of the violence.

Meanwhile, Daoud later released a video apologising in English to the Kazakh people.

In the clip, looking visibly shocked, he can be seen saying: “Kazakh friends and Kazakh people, I am sending you the video to apologise on two different points.

Credit: CEN
Arabs beaten until bruised and bloodied by local colleagues

“First point, I apologise for the photo because I took it as a photo with a colleague and didn’t mention anything bad or did not mean anything bad and we were just colleagues at work.

“Second photo, second point, I apologise to all Kazakh people. I’ve been living and working between you for two years. And it was a pleasure to work in Kazakhstan and I didn’t, I didn’t want anything to reach such point. You are great people. Please accept my apologise. Please accept everything from my end. Thank you. (sic)”

There have been no official statements from the Kazakh authorities and no arrests have been reported.

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Story By: Eman El-SherbinySub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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