Angie Jolie Actor Caged For Sex Attack In Theatre Toilet

One of the Balkans most famous actors who was among the cast in Angelina Jolie’s movie ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’ has been jailed for sexually abusing a 16-year-old boy.

Actor Goran Jevtic, 41, who has worked in film and theatre for two decades, has been widely praised for his Shakespearean performances across Europe and has won numerous awards.

But he also starred in more commercial productions including the award-winning film written, produced, and directed by Angelina Jolie which was her directorial debut.

Credit: CEN
Goran Jevtic

He was arrested after he was accused of unlawful sexual acts against the minor that resulted in house arrest, and when he appealed, the High Court in Sombor, in the autonomous province of Vojvodina, in Serbia, decided instead to sentence him to 10 months in jail.

Jevtic was convicted of committing the offence of unlawful sexual activity with a 16-year-old boy identified only by the initials L.K.

The actor was accused of forcing the young man to have oral sex in the toilet of the National Theatre in Sombor during a party held in an evening of June 2014. Under Serbian law, this would be sexual assault.

The police investigation started the following year when the boy’s parents made a formal complaint, and the actor denied that the sex act had ever taken place.

The teenage boy told the court that he was abused in the toilet by the actor after drinking, and other witnesses claim to have seen the boy running from the toilet where the incident took place.

The court heard that the young man’s favourite actor was Jevtic and he regularly attended theatres.

Credit: CEN
Goran Jevtic

The actor has declined to comment at all on the incident since he was first charged, and has maintained a low profile throughout.

He became well known on the continent as homosexual activist Mirko Dedijer in a film by Srdjan Dragojevic that was a commercial success.

Is also provided the voice of Sebastian in the local version of The Little Mermaid franchise, Timon in The Lion King franchise, Genie in the Aladdin franchise, Kuzco in the Emperor’s New Groove films, Randall Boggs in the Monsters Inc. films, and king Candy in Wreck It Ralph.

It was not revealed if the actor has the option to appeal.

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Story By: Michael LeidigSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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