Actress Says Jews Helped Hitler In Concentration Camps

This is the sexy Venezuelan actress under fire for claiming that the Jews who suffered in Hitler’s concentration were worse than their Nazi jailers.

Venezuelan model Catherine Fulop was interviewed on the Cada manana (Every Morning) hosted by Marcelo Longobardi in Radio Mitre where she criticised those who remained loyal to her country’s current president Nicholas Maduro.

Catherine Fulop apology message

She implied that he only remained in power because he was supported by Jewish traitors trying to save their own lives.

She said: “They (the Venezuelan government) have all these supporters in neighbourhoods who are given money and medicines to keep dancing to the government’s tune to because without them they have nothing.” 

She added: “Why do you think Hitler was able to continue to do what he did, was he alone? No he was not, because when you get down to it, the Jewish were the worst, and they were the worst torturers inside the concentration camps. The people who snitched were the Jewish who were torturing their own people. This is exactly what is happening in Venezuela.”

The comments have caused outrage among netizens and in Argentinian media. 

Jorge Knoblovits, President of the Delegation of Argentine Jewish Associations said: “This is a despicable comparison. The Shoah is the paradigm of all genocides. That is why we ask that any dictatorship should not be compared to it, even though we regret what is happening in Venezuela”.

Credit: CEN/@fulopcatherine
Catherine Fulop

After her comments sparked outrage, the actress appeared on TV to give an apology.

She said: “My comparison was with a subdued people, I did not say anything about the Holocaust specifically. I was saying that Hitler searched for allies, and that he found them by searching everywhere, for example in concentration camps, looking at a people who were suffering. Due to the lack of medicine and food in my country, I can imagine there are scenarios where people are told hey, you want a pack of pasta? I can give it to you, you need to keep on applauding me, and people do that, they go on and applaud.”

She added: “However, if what I said came across badly, then I apologise and say sorry.”

But the lawyer Jorge Monastersky shared on his Twitter account a copy of the judicial report he had presented against the actress for her comments, referring to a law in which article three says a prison sentence from one month to three years could be possible.

Credit: CEN/@fulopcatherine
Catherine Fulop

The Buenos Aires Holocaust Museum has shared its concern and outrage regarding the comments made by Catherine Fulop, saying: “We share concern over the extreme situation in Venezuela, but this cannot be compared with the Holocaust, where six million Jews were murdered, among them 1.5 million children.

“Her comments were offensive to the memory of the victims and the survivors, especially in the day of the Holocaust Shoah. We invite her to go to our exhibition to know the history and avoid making similar comments which trivialise this tragedy.”

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Story By: Ana LacasaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News


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